Malifaux: Brine and Bones (Nightmare Molly)

I had bought the von Schtook box at Adepticon on a whim, despite never playing Resurrectionists before. When Wyrd announced these undead pirates would be this year’s Nightmare alternate crew box, I knew I had my new faction.

Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet (Nightmare Molly)

Blacktongue / Molly comes complete with a skeletal parrot for her hat. Blacktongue is painted similarly to her minion Skellywags, but her bright red cloak sets her apart on the table.

Wayward Mariner (Nightmare Necrotic Machine)

The diving theme for Molly’s totem is what really sold me on the box. I don’t think I really sold it as old and decayed, but he’s still got the cool diving helmet so I’m happy.

Nani and the Voice (Nightmare Philip and the Nanny)

Nani and the Voice is a bit disappointing as a model. Much like the new Anna Lovelace, this model doesn’t justify the large base size. While painting she was tacked temporarily on a 30mm and it looked just fine.

Amazingly, I made it all the way to my first game before I realized the pun behind the Skellywag name. Malifaux undead don’t have enough pure skeletons, so I’m happy to have these three in my case.

Relicblade: Iguan Assassin

The Iguan Assassin is a solo character themed to go with the Wretched Hive. He’s also the final model I needed to have the entire Relicblade line painted.

Iguan Assassin

He also gets a different red skin. The purple shoulder piece and bracer match the purple on my Mangrove Basilisk, as the Iguans would surely use Basilisk hide to produce armor (they’re Armor 3 after all!)

I’m looking forward to the next Relicblade Kickstarter, so I’ll have more models to paint. Not that I have any particular shortage from other vendors.

Relicblade: Wretched Hive

The Wretched Hive is the last of the faction packs to be added to my collection.

Iguan Poacher

I decided my lizards would be reds, but each one would have a different red.

Iguan Slaver

The clothes and other accents would be blues and greens. I tried to get a mix of saturation levels for the different elements on each model.

Iguan Witch

Purple is kind of like an extended red. right? I figured the witch could stand out from the more physical warriors in the set.

Mangrove Basilisk

But when it came time for the basilisk, all bets were off.

Wretched Hive

Relicblade: Braziers

Many Relicblade scenarios involve the use of objectives, usually described as braziers, that need to be activated (lit) by the players. Much like the Pack Yak, Relicblade makes a set of appropriate markers available for sale.

Braziers (lit)

The set contains three braziers, and three removable flames. Each one is a unique sculpt. Unlike the metal miniatures that make up the rest of the Relicblade line, these are in a white resin.

Braziers (unlit)

For such a simple model, there’s quite a bit of character to them. There are the skulls of course, but also cracking and dancing flames. The separate flame pieces have a rounded edge that makes them easy to put on without slipping around.