Relicblade: Adepticon Alts plus a bonus Cat

These alts, slated for release at the Adepticon that wasn’t, were so popular they sold out within hours. Fortunately they were reprinted for slowpokes like me.

Lone Guard Infiltrator

They also act as previews for the currently running Storms of Kural Kickstarter. The project is for a new two-player starter set, featuring two four model warbands, each model representing a different faction. The stat cards were released in the second edition rulebook, but these are the first models available.

Iguan Marauder

The starter set is all single piece models, to be more accessible to people unfamiliar with metal models. These alt poses wouldn’t work in a single piece, but they aren’t exactly complex (torso and arms). I like slight posability, plus it would be easier to do simple conversions.

Warden of Justice

As a bonus, have a cat. You can never have too many cats in Relicblade.

A Iguan Marauder comes down the stairs to find a wizard about to light the brazier.

Underworlds: Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

The other half of the Nightvault box is Stormsire’s Cursebreakers. The Stormcast Eternals tend not to do much for me — they’re a bit too clean. Still, a small number can be fun to paint.

Ammis Dawnguard

The blue armor is Turbodork’s Ice to Never colorshift paint, the same as I used on the chibi pony knight.

Averon Stormsire

It’s primarily a blue that shifts to a pink. After washing and dullcote, the shift quite subtle, which I think gives it a nice rich color without being too distracting.

Rastis the Charmed

Once again I find painting an Underworlds warband to be a ton of fun. It’s just a few models, and then you can move onto something else.

Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

Underworlds: Thorns of the Briar Queen

Underworlds is another example of me trying to find a “filler game” that can quickly be brought out if the main game of the evening ends early. I found a Nightvault box for cheap online so picked it up.

Briar Queen

These nighthaunts are done nearly entirely with contrast paints. The bases, metals, and purple shawls are the main exceptions.

Varclav the Cruel

I don’t totally love the blue skin. It has a decent ethereal quality to it, but the color doesn’t really gel as well as I’d like.

The Everhanged

Possibly my favorite detail in the set is the facial features visible under the hood on the Everhanged.

One distinct feature of the nighthaunts in Underworlds is the high model count. That means a big pile of minions. Each sculpt has individual character, although I wish they had unified attack stats.

Thorns of the Briar Queen

Blitz Bowl: Orcs

The other half of the Blitz Bowl box is orcs. These guys are nice an meaty, with a far more fantastic appearance than the humans.

Orc Thrower

The thrower is the most lightly armored (in appearance, anyways) of the group. Much like the humans, I quite appreciate that the pose clearly communicates the position.

Black Orc Blocker

I used contrast paints for the skin (Orc Flesh, handily enough), but highlighted after it was dry, and other paints for the rest of the models.

Orc Blitzer

I went through quite an emotional roller coaster while painting the blitzer. At first I thought he had a goofy looking head, perhaps from a few too many head butts. Then, after studying the stat card, I thought I had missed a helmet piece, though the sprue was long gone. Finally, I realized I painted the helmet in skin tones. Oh well, he can keep looking goofy, from too many head butts.

The linemen fill out the team.

I completed the accessories in the same way as the humans, though with a red metal for the coin, to match the red primary color on the orc uniforms.

Blitz Bowl Orcs (team)