Blitz Bowl: Orcs

The other half of the Blitz Bowl box is orcs. These guys are nice an meaty, with a far more fantastic appearance than the humans.

Orc Thrower

The thrower is the most lightly armored (in appearance, anyways) of the group. Much like the humans, I quite appreciate that the pose clearly communicates the position.

Black Orc Blocker

I used contrast paints for the skin (Orc Flesh, handily enough), but highlighted after it was dry, and other paints for the rest of the models.

Orc Blitzer

I went through quite an emotional roller coaster while painting the blitzer. At first I thought he had a goofy looking head, perhaps from a few too many head butts. Then, after studying the stat card, I thought I had missed a helmet piece, though the sprue was long gone. Finally, I realized I painted the helmet in skin tones. Oh well, he can keep looking goofy, from too many head butts.

The linemen fill out the team.

I completed the accessories in the same way as the humans, though with a red metal for the coin, to match the red primary color on the orc uniforms.

Blitz Bowl Orcs (team)

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