Crisis Protocol: Core Set Terrain

The Crisis Protocol core box comes with a nice selection of city terrain. Throwing terrain around is a core aspect of the game, so it’s good to have it nicely represented. It also formed a solid base for a modern table.

The Daily Bugle newstand is the biggest piece in the set. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Most of the shading was done with an airbrush, enhanced with an oil wash. I pulled down the wash to form dirty streaks.

Daily Bugle detail

This poster was printed from online. My home printer is black and white, so I colored it with some waterproof markers. I tried a couple of techniques to weather the paper — soak in tea, paint with a thinned acrylic wash, paint with thinned GW Contrast paints. The tea worked best, but it still didn’t quite work for me. Finally, I rubbed it my fingers stained from the oil wash. This added the perfect amount of grime.

Crisis Protocol dumpsters

The dumpsters are a pretty standard sponge chip rust application.

Crisis Protocol taxi
Crisis Protocol sedan

I used Tamiya panel liner to try to bring out the panel lines on the cars, to mixed success. I also applied a few dots of the liner as a stain, which I’d also call a partial success.

Crisis Protocol street lights
Crisis Protocol stoplights

Street lights and stoplights just add a bit more life to the table.

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