Crisis Protocol: NYC Construction Site

The Crisis Protocol core set has a nice package of terrain, but you can never have enough. This construction site stuff helps to round it out, still useful for any modern game setting.

Construction Office

The construction office is much bigger than the Daily Bugle newstand in the core set. I used a similar streaking oil wash technique, with the addition of some rain marks.


The loader was a bit of a pain to paint. The arms made it difficult to get at the cab. But the way the model is constructed doesn’t lend itself to painting in subassemblies. I used a mix of Tamiya panel liner and sponge rust chipping.


The mixer had all the same subassembly issues as the loader.

The set came with a bunch of smaller barrels and road barriers. If I were smarter, I might have saved some to fill out larger based models. I guess it’s not too late. In the meantime, they can fill out the board a bit.

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