Sludge: Keth Royal Guard

I love everything Metal King does. Sludge is a much less cuddly game than Relicblade, but it’s got the same great art combined with interesting rules. As originally published in Blaster it was suggested you kitbash historicals kit. As cool an idea as that is, sometimes I just want to put a kit together and paint it. Fortunately, a partnership with Black Site made that happen. The Royal Guard are the line infantry for the Keth army bundle.

Keth Royal Guard (1st unit)

I did two paint schemes, with a lighter and darker burgundy red uniforms, to see which I liked better. After I had six bodies of each, I realized I really like the look of them mixed, especially on the multibase. So I’ll be keeping that mix going forward for the rest of the army.

Keth Royal Guard (2nd unit)

Some of the rifles came a little bent on these resin models. I dipped the offending rifles in boiling water, straightened them (mostly), then immediately put them in an ice bath to quickly cool it in shape. The resin Black Side uses seems to take better to that technique than some others.

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