Freeblades: Traazorite Crusaders

Freeblades is a game that I’ve always seen in the distance at Adepticon, but for whatever reason never gave it a try. This year, I finally got a demo in, and when I saw they had Romans riding dinos I had no choice.


Like Relicblade, the game feels a bit like a D&D party vs party game, but as miniatures.


Unlike Relicblade, which abstracts a bunch of the details, Freeblades goes all in on detail. There are rules for countercharge and then resolving where you meet for example.


That level of detail makes it hard to play just once in a while.


One interesting mechanic is a DCC-style dice chain, where the better you are at something the larger the die you get to roll. Modifiers can change the die size, too.

Traazorite Crusaders

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