Terrain: Foam Experiments

I’ve been meaning to experiment with foam insulation sheets for terrain for a long time. I finally decided to give it a go, with rocky chunks for Lunar and Rangers of Shadow Deep as the focus.

These blocks are intended to plausibly exist either as lunar rock formations (possibly including placement by astronauts) or as barren rocky ground. I cut a bunch of blocks of foam with a hot wire cutter, then trimmed them to vaguely rocky shapes.

These are similar, but with an earthy vegetation base, clearly don’t belong on the moon. I think all the rocks are a success, although they may not be masterful.

This barrow hill I consider a failure. Though I’m not tossing it just yet. I started doing the brickwork texture by just pressing with a pen, but that lead to tearing. For the rest I cut it with a hobby knife then opened up the gap with a pen, which worked much better. The hill part isn’t very smoothly cut either. By the time I got to paint and surface texture I knew it was a loser, so didn’t spend much time on it. I’ll have to give it another go and try to refine the shape more.

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