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Malifaux: Mr. Tannen

I wanted to round out the Jakob Lynch crew I started for the painting contest in time for the Celesticon causual play Malifaux event on Friday night.  My Gencon Wyrd order came last Tuesday, which gave me three days assemble, prime, and paint.

First up is Mr. Tannen.

Mr Tannen
Mr Tannen

Tannen’s jacket is the same blue as Lynch.  I like that they fit together, although it might be a bit too much.  Mr. Graves will definitely get a different color.

I was surprised when I opened the package to see two options for the arm behind his back: one with a knife and one with a card.  Since I’ve only ever seen the knife, I decided to go with the card.

Mr Tannen (detail)
Mr Tannen (detail)

I knew from the Wyrd forums that the Crossroads book lists an incorrect cost (5 soulstones) for Mr. Tannen.  The card included in the box had the correct one (6), but the card in the wave 2 arsenal deck is wrong (5).

Updated October 2016 with improved images.

Dark Eldar: Razorwing

I found the time to finish off the Razorwing.  As expected, once I found time to focus it went pretty quickly.

Razorwing Jetfighter

I usually only add a touch of highlighting to the gems on Dark Eldar.  This vehicle has very little else to break up the black surface, so I decided to fully color the gems with the silver, gold, and blue accent colors.

Razorwing Jetfighter (rear detail)

I really like the orange edge highlighting on black, but it’s hard to keep it even.  I’m only partially successful on the long lines of the vehicle.

Razorwing Jetfighter (front detail)

I also keep failing to learn my lesson with Dullcote and clear canopies.  Once again, it badly fogged the canopy.  A few thin coats of Future brought it back a bit, although it still obscures the cockpit a bit.

Flying stand for Razorwing Jetfighter

Updated July 2019 with improved images

Inquisition War: Deathwatch Vehicles

As part of the ongoing Inquisition War campaign at Endgame, I needed some rides for my Inquisitorial retinue and Deathwatch Kill Team.

I decided on a Razorback for the retinue.  I wanted to use something that could double as a vehicle for the Deathwatch when the campaign is done, which eliminated the various IG options.  Plus, psybolt ammo.

Inquisitorial Razorback

I used the Forge World Rhino doors and brass etch set, plus embellished with a few bits from the bits box to really pimp it out. The whole think was primed black, then airbrushed from the top with a dark gray.  This gives a slight gradient, and makes the tank look a little less flat.

The Deathwatch generally ride to battle in a Drop Pod.  This is, of course, awesome, although they often don’t survive to see turn two.  I should probably adjust my tactics.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (closed)

The Drop Pod got the same gray airbrush treatment as the Razorback.  I wanted to make this thing look Deathwatchy.  Since the thing is five-way symmetric, it took most of the small brass etch insignia to get it done.  Five each on the door, above the vent thing on the sides, on the top, and on the floor in front of each pair of harnesses.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (open)

Again, the weapon is magnetized, and both storm bolter and missile launcher are painted up.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (detail)

Updated July 2018 with improved images.

Random Rursday: Hunter Missile

On Thursdays, I like to take a break from my army projects.  Instead, I try to do something that I can start and complete all in one evening.


A really quick one this week.

I finished the Hunter/Stalker kit a while ago. I decided to take it in the Hunter variety in my next game. This tank, if it misses, gets another chance the next turn. That means you need a marker of some kind.

The kit came with a missile to stick in the gun barrel, which I decided to save for something like this project. A quick snip of a paperclip, some primer, drybrush, and it’s done.

Hunter missile

About the only clever bit to this model is, naturally, not pictured. I put a blob of green stuff on the underside to give the wire something to bite into. Previously I’ve only pinned stuff to more solid resin bases, which doesn’t have that problem.

The back really cries out for something from the Armorcast Cinematic Effects line, but I need this for a game now. I hope to go back and give this model a more dynamic smoke trail/rocket flame/whatever.

Updated September 2018 with improved images.