Resurrectionists: High Society (Dead Dandies and Dead Doxies)

Since the GenCon Miss model this year was an alt Seamus, I figured I ought to get some of his friends. Fortunately, the High Society box was available for prerelease. Sweet! Unfortunately, they ran out and my box was significantly delayed. It did come eventually, so here we are.

Dead Dandy (teacup)

I used these models as an opportunity to borrow a friend’s collection of contrast paints from Games Workshop and play with the new product. There wasn’t a good undead flesh option in the collection, so I tried one of the grays here. I disliked it enough to go back to my standard recipe for the rest.

Dead Dandy (monocle)

I used a simple technique:

  1. Zenithal prime white over black
  2. Apply contrast paint over sections, in a single coat
  3. Highlight with regular paints from my collection, mostly Reaper.
Dead Dandy (book)

I’d call it pretty successful overall. At nearly $8 a bottle it’s a tough sale, but it was certainly fast with pretty good results.

Dead Doxy (blue)

I don’t expect to switch over entirely, but I have bought a few to use when it feels like the right tool.

Dead Doxy (red)

I already had a transparent red Bete painted, way back in the day nominally to go with the nightmare Tara crew. I don’t love the paint job on it, though, so maybe the new one will find some use someday.

High Society (group)

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