Resurrectionists: Salty Seadevil (alt Rogue Necromancy)

As Wyrd has done for the last few years, Black Friday brought a themed support piece for Gencon’s Nightmare crew. In this case, an alt Rogue Necromancy to go with Brine and Bones pirate Molly.

Salty Seadevil (alt Rogue Necromancy)

To give some texture, I used an airbrush stencil on the arms. This is one of my more successful attempts, as it’s actually still visible on the finished model, unlike Lord Chompy Bits.

Salty Seadevil (detail)

I wish I had known this model would be coming before I bought and painted the regular Rogue Necromany, but maybe that one will fit better with other crews. Especially if I go all in on McMourning sometime.

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