Terrain: Fence, Outhouse, and Signs

At Adepticon 2015, I was tempted by Tri-City Laser’s buildings, but waited until later to buy any. Somehow I forgot to add the fence set to my cart. So I remedied that this year.

The fence set comes in eight pieces – four straight sections and four corners. It’s got the same neat woodgrain texture which may be out of scale but comes out really nicely when drybrushing.


I also grabbed an outhouse, just for an extra piece of scatter.

I also grabbed these signs from Tectonic Crafts Studios. Sadly, I’m not totally in love with these pieces. Between the fibers of the MDF and the relatively low resolution of the laser cuts, it’s too hard to clean them up to any decent standard.

Terrain: Plasticraft Suburban Props

While I was at Adepticon, I sold my brother-in-law on Malifaux, but he didn’t want to buy more than a crew box. The Wyrd booth was running the $100 alt Witchling Handler promo from the Easter sale. Since he picked Guild, I said I’d help him get over the threshold to get the bonus model. I picked up a crew box of my own, and ended up using this as a filler to get over the line. I needed more scatter terrain, anyways.

These boxes are surprisingly nice, although there were quite a few bubbles in the resin on the underside. I painted them using Weathered Wood from the new weathering paints released by Secret Weapon at Adepticon. Just quick a paint/brown wash/offwhite drybrush makes a nice old wooden look.

There’s also a collection of garbage cans in the set. These are just basic metal with a wash, even though I suspect that metal trash can are anachronistic.

Malifaux: Old Cranky

I played in a Treacherous Ties event at Games of Berkeley recently, where you pick a small crew lead by an out-of-faction Henchman. I wanted to bring Old Cranky, but didn’t have the model, so I lived without it. When I managed to win the event, I knew fate was telling me to pick up Old Cranky with the prize money.

Old Cranky
Old Cranky

Naturally, I haven’t played another game with Gremlins since. But I haven’t played against Gremlins and Old Cranky, and boy is he a beast. A lot of buffs in a small-stone package.

Malifaux: Alt Bayou Gator

I haven’t been excited enough about Bayou Gators to buy a box. But I’ve got a well-documented obsession with limited editions, so when this became available through a LGS promo I had no choice.

Bayou Gator (alt)
Bayou Gator (alt)

Wyrd’s plastics have gotten a lot better at not having a crapton of tiny pieces, but they still aren’t great at placing seam lines. Right in the middle of the nicely textured skin makes it hard to clean up.

The package came with two head variants – one enjoying a snack, and one boring one. You can guess which I selected.