Terrain: Plasticraft Suburban Props

While I was at Adepticon, I sold my brother-in-law on Malifaux, but he didn’t want to buy more than a crew box. The Wyrd booth was running the $100 alt Witchling Handler promo from the Easter sale. Since he picked Guild, I said I’d help him get over the threshold to get the bonus model. I picked up a crew box of my own, and ended up using this as a filler to get over the line. I needed more scatter terrain, anyways.

These boxes are surprisingly nice, although there were quite a few bubbles in the resin on the underside. I painted them using Weathered Wood from the new weathering paints released by Secret Weapon at Adepticon. Just quick a paint/brown wash/offwhite drybrush makes a nice old wooden look.

There’s also a collection of garbage cans in the set. These are just basic metal with a wash, even though I suspect that metal trash can are anachronistic.

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