Ultramarines: Predator

From time to time I’ll reach into the hobby vault to feature models painted before I started this blog.

I painted these two Predators some time apart from each other.

Ultramarines Predator

The first was done quick in a week ahead of an event (a narrative event at (I think) DunDraCon that involved taking 500 points of “allies” (back in 5th edition before the allies was part of the game) which. In the last game of the event everyone’s allies betrayed them after deployment. Your opponent got to control them. I had Orks as the allies, but wanted to beef up my main force.

Ultramarines Predator (with sponsons)

I think the second was just simple force expansion.

As usual for my marines, the weapons and sponsons are all magnetized, so they can be used in a variety of configuration.

Ultramarines Predator (top)

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