Terrain: Rice Huts and Bell Temple by Sarissa Precision

I’ve been eyeing these MDF kits from Sarissa for quite some time. I finally bought them to get to free shipping from a Warlord clearance sale. The rest of the purchase has been sitting sadly in a drawer, but at least these buildings got done.

Bell Temple

I tried a new technique with these kits. I often feel like MDF kits end up really flat, To try to address it, I made washes out of acrylic, but then used it more like an oil wash. I first applied it really sloppy, then went back and softened the edges. I had to move quickly because the wood soaked up the moisture pretty quickly.

Rice Huts

With this technique I managed to get a lot of variance of color, especially for shading in the inside corners, like the framing on the rice huts. I like the streaks on the roof, but there’s not enough variation.

I originally was eyeing these kits for Bushido, though I haven’t actually played it at all. I’m thinking it would also work for a fantasy setting like Relicblade.

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