DZC: UCM Infantry (Mortar Teams, Hazard Suits, and Ravens)

Since starting Dropzone Commander, I’ve managed to make it to a couple of game days and tournaments.  I’ve learned a lot, still get confused by CQB, and commit my forces too soon.

The number one lesson, of course, is more models!  A bunch of new infantry came out this summer, and I’m a sucker for new, so I figured they’d make a good next step.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the mortar teams.  I haven’t found their concussive blast to be useful at all, since I haven’t found people trying to shoot me from buildings too much, and I run out of reasonable targets for E6 weapons.

The Hazard Suits, though, I really love.  E7 Focus-2 gets to high strength pretty quickly, and they’re pretty durable.

Of course, everybody needs a ride.

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