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Underworlds: Skaeth’s Wild Hunt

I’m late to the Underworld bandwagon, but building the collection. The Beastgrave box seemed like a good choice, to give more game boards, dice, a second set of generic cards, and two warbands to boot.


As far as I can tell, this warband doesn’t really have a larger force within the Age of Sigmar universe, which makes it extra fun.


I’m especially pleased with how the bases turned out on this set. There are some decent blends between dirt and mossy sections.


I wish I had gone for a redder bronze on the metals, however. The flesh, orange fur, and golden metals all blend together a little too well.


Every group of centaurs and satyrs needs a pet cat.

Skaeth’s Wild Hunt (group)

Max: Rippa’s Snarlfangs

Just like Ruth’s treefolk, I picked these up for Max in lieu of an Adepticon model.


Max had fun helping with assembly. The Underworlds kits are press-fit, but I still glued them.


Max also carefully studied the box art to determine what colors to paint everything. He still needs some work on getting full coverage, but is improving.


We haven’t played a formal game with them yet, but Max has definitely lined them up against other models and done battle. He likes hooking the spear between the arms of other, lesser, creatures.

Max’s Rippa’s Snarlfangs