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Reaper: Ape-X

Ape-X is another Reaper Bones miniature from the first Kickstarter.  I decided that I was tired of doing brown all the time, so went for green.  Giant mutant cyborg gorillas don’t have to be realistic, right?


I kept it really simple, just a basecoat, wash, and drybrush.  It’s not going to win any awards, but it still looks nice.

Updated February 2018 with improved images.

Reaper: Griffon

I’ve slowed down on the Random Rursday thing.  I found it had become something of a chore, and I stopped getting Thursday nights as reliable hobby nights.  I also found I wasn’t really giving enough time for paint to dry between stages.

I’m still painting some random miniatures between other projects, just without a specific schedule.

The Griffon is a Reaper Bones model.  I like the textures in the fur and in the feathers.  The base even is a bit more interesting than most of the Reaper models, with some stones sculpted in.


I regret not doing a bit more variation in the front section, especially on the wings.  This is a big enough model that it looks kind of sparse.  On the other hand, I’m not sure I wanted to spend much more time on this model.

I put some flock and static grass on the base, because I wasn’t very happy with how my painting of the grassy parts turned out.

Updated February 2018 with improved images.

Ultramarines: Techmarine

I think this model qualifies as my longest-running work-in-progress.  It’s a leftover from my 2nd/3rd edition days, although it sat as bare, so wasn’t really in progress.  In May 2012, I played in  a “de-escalation” event at KublaCon.  After each game, there was a chance that any models killed would stay dead for the next game.  There was a bonus to vehicle rolls if you brought a Techmarine or equivalent.  I wasn’t as strict about only playing with painted models then, but I gave this guy a quick red spray with the airbrush so at least it wasn’t completely bare.  And there he sat, unloved, for two and a half years.

Part of my backlog is anything with paint, so I needed to get this guy done. I decided to do most of the detail work (wires and stuff) in blue, to try to tie it into the rest of the army a bit.


The model has a power axe, so WYSIWIG demands I take it on my list.  It’s kind of a silly upgrade though — he already has a servo arm, which is S8 AP1 Unwieldy.  For 15 points, he has can use the axe instead, which is S5 AP2 Unwieldy, but grants an extra attack, since it isn’t a Specialist Weapon.  That’s a lot of points for very little utility.

I can’t bring myself to change the model, though.  Maybe I could call it a lightning claw.  That would give the option of Shredding at S4/AP3, plus give an extra attack with either the servo arm or lightning claw, since they’re both specialist weapons.

I try to shoehorn any newly completed model into my next game, so I took this model in my campaign game last weekend.  He pulled his own.  I gave him an Auspex and put him in a drop pod with Sicarius and half a tactical squad.  He ended up mostly being a cover granting/denying dude.  He bolstered a ruin which contained snipers and a missile launcher combat squad, and used his auspex to remove the cover from a pile of cultists.

His unit ended up charging an inquisitor and his retinue, which included a servitor.  I was very sad that a random marine took out the servitor before the techmarine could disassemble him.

I think I’m going to turn my attention to a few Reaper models I’ve had primed for a while before coming back to the few remaining marines.

Updated July 2018 with improved images.

Ultramarines: Cato Sicarius

I picked up this Sicarius model as part of a store closing sale almost a year ago.  It’s the last of the Ultramarines HQs in my collection.  I decided to do him up in 5th company colors, to fit in with the rest of my Ultramarines.

Cato Sicarius

This is the Finecast version, and I expect it to be the last fully Finecast model I do.  The gold detailing on the breastplate sheered off from the main body in places.  I didn’t do too much to fix it — let’s call it battle damage.

The sunburst pattern under the skull on the shoulder pad turned out a little weird.  Maybe keeping it all gold or all silver would have been a better choice.

Backlog keeps on shrinking.  Next up is a Techmarine that’s been sitting unloved for far too long.

Updated July 2018 with improved images.