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Spectre: Undercover Operatives

Along with the two player starter, I picked up a handful of additional Spectre models.

Undercover Operatives (group 1)

These undercover operatives are fun because they’re clearly ready for action, but not in uniform like the insurgents and DEVGRU.

Undercover Operatives (group 2)

The detail on these models is also a lot nicer. I wonder if they’d give a better first impression than some of the two-player starter models.

Spectre: DEVGRU

Back at Adepticon 2019, Spectre caught my eye in the vendor hall. I didn’t make the time to find a demo, but eagerly signed up for a newbies welcome in 2020. Well, 2020 didn’t happen, so I ordered some product anyways.

Spectre DEVGRU, group one

Spectre is an ultramodern skirmish game, depicting special forces, insurgents, terrorists, and other types.

Spectre DEVGRU, group two

This is half of the two-player starter set. The models are relatively small scale (20mm bases!) with realistically proportioned weapons. That means bendy barrels! At least they’re metal and can be bent back pretty easily.