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Fallout: Institute Core Box

The Institute are the boogeyman of the wasteland in Fallout 4. Now they can do the same on the tabletop.

The Institute has an army of synths, humanoid robots with varying amounts of human appearance and personality. Gen 1 are the weakest, essentially acting like zombies.

Gen 2 are still unlikely to pass as human, but are closer. Both of these specimens have seen better days.


The Courser is a gen 3, a terminator sent out to take care of rogue elements. They have stealth and teleportation. What fun!

Institute Scientist

The Scientist is an actual human. At least probably. Protect them as they go about doing sciency things.

Institute Core Box

Fallout: Turrets

These turrets skirt the line between terrain and regular models.

Laser turret (brown)

The pack comes with a pair of laser and a pair of machine gun turrets. The laser turrets don’t do much for me, but the machine gun ones are just so cute.

Laser turret (green)

Unfortunately the pairs are identical, including the scenic base. The machine gun ones have a ton of shell casings. Although that’s appropriate, it makes it harder to swap them. Fortunately, the tripods are equilateral triangles, so you can easily rotate to add a bit of variety.

Machine gun turret (brown)

The tripods and bodies are separate pieces, with a peg. I drilled them out and put in magnets, so they can be rotated.

Machine gun turret (beige)
Fallout turrets

Fallout: Super Mutant Skirmishers

The Intitute wave brought with it boosters for the original three factions. The Skirmishers are the minions for the Super Mutants, bringing a slightly tougher and melee focused model.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (super sledge)

I’m still not super happy with my super mutant skin, but the rusty cobbled-together armor is always fun.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (wrench)

For variety, I used GW Plaguebearer contrast paint on this model’s skin. It’s a very yellow green. It works as a splash model, but I’m glad I’m not doing a full mutie force in it.

Super Mutant Skirmisher (tire iron)