Malifaux: Hayreddin

Hayreddin is next in line for filling out existing keywords. I pretty much ignored this guy while he was a Resurrectionist, but now that he’s come over to Team Nekima I had to have him.


The coat is very similar to Miss Deed‘s, using Secret Weapon’s rust colors. The flesh continues my haphazard use of blues/red/purples for Nephilim. I’m not too happy with how his mask and face turned out, but the coat makes up. for it.

Malifaux: Talos

With the new edition of Malifaux, I’ve found a new focus on filling out the keyword models for my masters. For Tara, that means the Talos.


I didn’t really even attempt the “Soul Furnace” aspect of guy-in-the-cage. The thankfully mostly breaks up surfaces with various details, whether its extra metal plates, bolts, or weird ribbony things.

I’ve played one third edition game with Tara. It did not go well. But at least I looked pretty while doing it!