Chibis: Cthulhu Cultist and Medusa

Never one to let the kids have all the fun, I got some chibi models from Impact Miniatures for myself, too.

Chibi Medusa

I’ve actually been afraid of chibi style models for a long time. Eyes are usually my weak spot, and chibis are all about the eyes. But the eyes are huge, which makes it relatively easy to do a good job.

Chibi Cthulhu Cultist

I picked up two with the idea that my wife could paint one. Together with the kids, it would be a whole family affair. My wife has, from time to time, shown some interest in miniature painting. But this is not one of those times. So I had to paint it. Poor me.

The big bold colors are a lot of fun, and it turns out there’s nothing to be afraid of. I don’t really have any games to motivate these models, but I think I’ll still sneak some in from time to time.

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