Malifaux: Young Nephilim

I’ve wanted to do a growth list since the beginning of time. I know it’s not regarded as especially great. But hey, killing models while buffing your own sounds pretty nice. I’ve been missing Young Nephilims, so haven’t been able to give it a shot.

Young Nephilim (jumping)

Once upon a time I had a scheme for Nephilim, going from darker purple for the Terror Tots and getting lighter as they got bigger. I’ve since come to realize that easily identifying individual models on the table is hugely important. And I’ve got more widely varying color in assorted named Nephilim. When I eventually add more Tots into the mix, I’ll give them more color, too.

Young Nephilim (extra head)

If I’m doing a growth list, there might be times where two Young isn’t enough. I’ve already got a Mature proxy. I found that the FLGS had old metal Young Nephilim on clearance. I don’t particularly care for most of the metal era Malifaux models, but cheap models for second tier summons are hard to say no to. Plus, the regular Nephilim box feels like maybe one of the worst value in the Malifaux line.

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