Malifaux: Malifaux Child

I almost always use Totems, but Karina is meh, especially without the models to be able to using the summoning upgrade. I scored a translucent Malifaux Child in a promo, but I’m not a big fan of the translucent models unless I want to do something with the effect. I traded with a friend for the regular gray plastic version and set to work.

Malifaux Child
Malifaux Child

I’ll give Wyrd credit, the design on the rolled up sleeves hides the seam pretty well. The model is otherwise a bit unexciting, and the three contact points (butt and each foot) makes positioning it on a not-completely-flat base a bit interesting.

I’ve played a game with the Child chasing Tara. I was somewhat underwhelmed, but it didn’t help that I had forgotten about the healing ability. Needing a 7 of Rams is tricky though, especially without any built in way to generate the Ram.

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