Inquisition War: Callidus Assassin

Things are heating up in the Inquisition War.  The High Lords of Terra have started dispatching assassins to remove the heretical inquisitors.

This is one of the models that I’ve had lying around, unpainted, since the 2nd edition days.  When the new dataslate came out, I knew I needed to get her battle-ready.

Callidus Assassin

In the first outing, she took out the retinue, but died before removing the last wound on the inquisitor in terminator armour.  She faired better in the second game, removing a squad of Arbites which had been hastily recruited, before getting to the Inquisitor and retinue hiding in a building (netting 5 victory points – Slay the Warlord, the bonus Assassin point, plus a 3 on a D3 maelstrom card).  Her primary job complete, she went to the roof and eliminated the company command squad stationed there.  Unfortunately, I misplaced her for Linebreaker at end of game, resulting in a tied match.

I based this model in the same way as my Deathwatch, so it fits in with the Ultramarines, but can also stand alone with another army if needed.


Updated April 2018 with improved images.

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