Inquisition War: Deathwatch Vehicles

As part of the ongoing Inquisition War campaign at Endgame, I needed some rides for my Inquisitorial retinue and Deathwatch Kill Team.

I decided on a Razorback for the retinue.  I wanted to use something that could double as a vehicle for the Deathwatch when the campaign is done, which eliminated the various IG options.  Plus, psybolt ammo.

Inquisitorial Razorback

I used the Forge World Rhino doors and brass etch set, plus embellished with a few bits from the bits box to really pimp it out. The whole think was primed black, then airbrushed from the top with a dark gray.  This gives a slight gradient, and makes the tank look a little less flat.

The Deathwatch generally ride to battle in a Drop Pod.  This is, of course, awesome, although they often don’t survive to see turn two.  I should probably adjust my tactics.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (closed)

The Drop Pod got the same gray airbrush treatment as the Razorback.  I wanted to make this thing look Deathwatchy.  Since the thing is five-way symmetric, it took most of the small brass etch insignia to get it done.  Five each on the door, above the vent thing on the sides, on the top, and on the floor in front of each pair of harnesses.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (open)

Again, the weapon is magnetized, and both storm bolter and missile launcher are painted up.

Deathwatch Drop Pod (detail)

Updated July 2018 with improved images.

2 thoughts on “Inquisition War: Deathwatch Vehicles”

  1. Beautiful work! do you mind sharing your recipe for the inquisition insignia on the doors? Hoping to do something similar on my Corvus blackstar in place of the polished gold

    1. Thanks!

      Unfortunately, I don’t have paint notes for this model. But it’s a bone, which based on my notes from Cassius (another Deathwatchy model painted not too long before):
      1) Prime black
      3) Full coverage of Reaper Bone Shadow (9058)
      4) Heavy drybrush Reaper bone mid (9059)
      5) Wash with Reaper Flesh Wash
      6) Final light drybrush with Reaper bone highlight (9060)

      The rounded bolt bits are a silver, so there’s probably some Reaper Brown Wash in there too.

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