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Malifaux: Reva Core Box (without Reva)

Along with the alternate sculpt for Reva, I tracked down a Reva box. I’m saving Reva herself for the bit box.

I decided the unnatural burning seen on other Revenant models is related to this spiritual energy rising out of the Corpse Candles.

Vincent St Clair

A good crossbow ought to help out in any situation.

The only thing more ridiculous than these shields are these anime swords. I’m pretty sure they’d be too heavy to properly wield. But they look cool!

Reva Core Box (without Reva)

Malifaux: Malisaurus Rex

I always have mixed feelings about big models like the Malisaurus Rex. On the one hand, it’s infinitely cool. On the other hand, they can be a hassle to store, transport, and get on the table without knocking over other models.

Malisaurus Rex

Well, this time cool wins. This was painted partially as an experiment with using GW Contrast paints in the airbrush.

I don’t have any other Explorer’s Society, but the dino is Fae, so can be played with Titania in Neverborn. Though maybe now I need more Explorers…