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Bushido: Risen Sun Ito Starter

I picked up some Bushido a couple of years ago at Adepticon, and got as far as painting it. But that was when I was less aggressive about actually finding table time for the many side games that interest me. So this year I decided to give it another go.


There’s a (now several year old) new edition called Risen Sun, and there are new faction starters to go with it. So I decided to boost what I already started, Clan Ito, the snake people.


They’re still metal models, and largely one-piece or just a few models.


Facing is very important for Bushido, so I marked the models. Unlike last time, I added a faction color for the front marker. This both helps to distinguish it, and gives a little bit of faction flare.

Ito Kinu

The two-player starter has all mercenary models, along with a small rulebook and token sheet. But they had sold through them all before I got to it. At first I was annoyed, especially due to the tokens. But the card stock they chose for the tokens is very thin, so I’d probably want to replace them anyways.


Kyou is my favorite sculpt of the set. The coiled snake just works for me. I ended up bending the head a little to get them to look in the same direction. But that’s easy to do with metal.

Clan Ito Risen Sun starter