Blackstone Fortress: Ambull

As we’ve wrapped up the main campaign in Blackstone Fortress, it was time for expansions. I was late to the party, so they’re hard to find. But with some diligence, I’ve been able to find a few of them at retail prices. First up is the Ambull from the Dreaded Ambull.

The Ambull

The Ambull is larger than any of the models in the main Blackstone Fortress box. It has some neat rules, too. Other enemies will attack the Ambull, and vice versa. That gives some new opportunities to play the board against itself.

Even though Blackstone Fortress is a scifi game, the Ambull isn’t especially scifi. It would work just as well as a deep cave dweller in a fantasy setting. I’ve already talked about how I’ve used the model as a wildcard in Blitz Bowl. It’s nice to get some versatility.