Terrain: TTCombat Post-Apoc Terrain

These two blisters from TTCombat expand my selection of post-apoc scatter terrain.

TTCombat Furniture

These pieces let me explore a couple of new-to-me techniques. I’ve long used (on these and other pieces) sponge chipping for rust. On the couches I used a sponge for dirt.

TTCombat Vending Machines

I also used AK weathering pencils, especially for rain streaks. It ended up almost invisible, but adds a hard-to-define authenticity to the terrain.

Terrain: Crooked Dice Post-Apoc Terrain

Along with Wreck Age models and terrain, I picked up some post-apoc terrain from Crooked Dice, the makers of 7TV, at Adepticon.

It’s a nice mix of fairly generic signage, although I wish I had picked up some walls to go with the gate. Maybe next year.

The pieces themselves are nicely detailed resin. All the signs came with a variety of different signs to put on the post.

Painting post-apoc terrain is a ton of fun, since the messier it looks the better. The only risk is letting things get too dark, like the lettering on the gate.

Terrain: Wreck Age Roads

The final of my haul from the Wreck Age booth at Adepticon are these roads. They were part of the Wreck Age Kickstarter and are still occasionally available.

They’ve got a really neat texture and are made out of a semi-flexible resin. It takes to being drybrushed quite nicely, and I splashed on some other color to give a bit more interest.

The one with lane markings was done sponging yellow paint over the masked road. I should have measured the masking, since the spacing seems pretty off.