Fyreslayers: Runeson

Next up for the Fyreslayers is the Runeson.

Runeson (javelin)

This model was actually my test piece for the Fyreslayers. I used the Secret Weapon flesh wash, which has a lot more yellow than the Reaper wash I usually use for flesh. As usual, I was unhappy with the results, and switched back to Reaper for production. Everything else I kept pretty much the same.

Runeson (axe)

I magnetized the weapon, because I’m not sure how I want to equip him. The Magmadroth kit comes with one set of standing legs and one set of rider legs. I decided not to magnetize the legs and just make the Runefather mounted and the Runeson standing. I should end up with enough parts from other kits to vary the rider, and I wanted to minimize the fiddliness.

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