Fyreslayers: Runefather on Magmadroth

Even though I mostly play small model count skirmish games, about once a year I get the itch for something larger. It’s been a while since I played Games Workshop games, so when I heard Adan (of Independent Characters fame) was going to run an Age of Sigmar escalation league I jumped in.

Runefather on Magmadroth

I struggled for a while on what army to play. I always start with the look, but close to half of the available factions were tempting. Finally I realized that I kept going between something (sea elves! orcs! rat men!) and Fyreslayers. I had made my decision. Now I just need to pump out the models!

Runefather (rider detail)

First in line is this Runefather riding a Magmadroth. The Magmadroth is a fairly standard paint job, but I needed to put my twist on it somewhere. I settled on green hair and beards, centering on Secret Weapon Rust Shadow. I balanced it with reddish metallics, and a brighter yellow gold for the ur-gold runes embedded in the skin.

Magmadroth (tail detail)

I’m excited to be doing GW again. Their models are always nice, even if their pricing isn’t. I wish there was a bit more variety within the faction (other than heroes, there are only three units available, and one is a dual-kit. I expect I’ll splash in some Kharadron Overlords for variety.

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