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Ruth: Ylthari’s Guardians

For the last few years, I’ve picked up models at Adepticon for the the kids to paint. This year, with no Adepticon, I had to do something else. Ruth had mentioned liking these treefolk while at the shop with me, so I picked up the box for her.


This was also the excuse I used to buy GW Contrast paints, though I’ve certainly used them for myself.


Ruth carefully studied the box art when deciding how to paint her tree friends.

Gallanghann of the Glade

We’ve also played a game of Underworlds with it. Ruth declares that her favorite warband is still the Sepulchral Guard, though. She likes the ability to bring her guys back after they get killed.

Ruth’s Ylthari’s Guardians

Underworlds: Thorns of the Briar Queen

Underworlds is another example of me trying to find a “filler game” that can quickly be brought out if the main game of the evening ends early. I found a Nightvault box for cheap online so picked it up.

Briar Queen

These nighthaunts are done nearly entirely with contrast paints. The bases, metals, and purple shawls are the main exceptions.

Varclav the Cruel

I don’t totally love the blue skin. It has a decent ethereal quality to it, but the color doesn’t really gel as well as I’d like.

The Everhanged

Possibly my favorite detail in the set is the facial features visible under the hood on the Everhanged.

One distinct feature of the nighthaunts in Underworlds is the high model count. That means a big pile of minions. Each sculpt has individual character, although I wish they had unified attack stats.

Thorns of the Briar Queen