Relicblade: Lostwood Enclave

Relicblade’s latest Kickstarter is starting fulfillment. One of the new factions is the Lostwood Enclave. Half of the Lostwood models were previously part of the two-player starter, but half of the models are new.

Arboleth Sentinel

The Arboleth Sentinel is Relicblade’s take on the treeman. I decided on a highly weathered gray look, using Secret Weapon’s acrylics. I had a hard time getting my highlights to look right, so I cheated and just drybrushed. The textures really lend themselves to it.

Wild Elf Pathfinder

I’m generally not a huge fan of sculpted smoke like on the Pathfinder, but it’s used to good effect to allow a dynamic pose while maintaining a solid connection to the base.

Lostwood Enclave

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