Dust: Lilith’s Coven Mythos starter (Lilith, Mi-Go, and Cultists)

Big monsters are nice and all, but you need some little guys, too. Fortunately, the Lilith’s Coven starter box is all that. Dust’s starter boxes are a nice value. For $65 you get three units, a neoprene mat (2’x3′, so half a standard Dust game), dice, and some terrain (cardboard and plastic). The only problem with it is if you want a second copy of one of the units, it’s harder to find the value.

Lilith is the hero in the box. She comes in two models, because she switches to a different profile once she’s been wounded.

Cultist leader

The cultists are next. I first tried to paint them with a different scheme than the studio models, with deep green robes. Partway through I decided I hated it and started again. I’m quite pleased now with how the robes came out, with just a hint of red in with the black, giving it some depth.


The Mi-Go are the last unit in the box. Like everything else it comes pre-assembled, which makes it difficult to paint the inside of the one with closed wings.

Finally, the plastic terrain. It’s simple, but a nice bonus. The crate came pre-colored, so I just weathered it up a bit. 

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