Malifaux: Will o’ the Wisp

I scored these models in the Adepticon swag bag. It has taken far too long to get them painted up.Will o' the Wisp (the scream)

Will o’ the Wisp (the scream)All three had a pretty nasty seam running down the middle of their bodies. I rushed gap filling and didn’t do a particular good job. Worse, I lost the lower jaw of The Scream to the carpet gods, but forgot about that when I was doing green stuff gap filling. Ugh!

Will o' the Wisp (wrists)
Will o’ the Wisp (wrists)

I decided to do the nodules as glowy bits like in the box art. I wish I had also done something a little more eye-catching for the wings. They’re sculpted as insectoid, but the paint doesn’t sell it,

Will o' the Wisp (in flight)
Will o’ the Wisp (in flight)

I don’t even know how this one is supposed to be mounted to the base. Gluing the fingertips doesn’t seem like it would last. So I sunk a bit of clear acrylic rod through the body. No problem.

I’ve been holding off on playing Zoraida even though I’m excited about the new Wave 5 upgrades for her. It seemed certain that I would be frustrated with the lack of Will o’ the Wisps to supercharge the Voodoo Doll. Now I’m ready.

Malifaux: Banjonistas

I’m not sure how excited I am about playing with the Banjonistas, but I compulsively bought them for the Alt Swinecursed, so figured I might as well toss some paint on ’em and see what happens.

Banjonista (white hat)

As models I think they’re quite fun. In retrospect, it might have been a good idea to convert some of the banjos into shotguns and use as extra Bayou Gremlins.

Banjonista (dancing)

Still, crew mobility is always good. When I play Somer, I tend to get an awful lot of gremlins killed. Some extra card draw is a nice bonus.

Banjonista (drinking)

Bolt Action: M8 Greyhound / M20 Scout Car

I’ve often felt a little light in anti-tank. While the M8 doesn’t exactly pack a huge punch, it can chew through transports easily enough. Plus, an extra machinegun or two is always helpful.

M8 Greyhound
M8 Greyhound

I figured I’d give myself a little breathing room by painting up both variants in the box, but didn’t bother magnetizing. Gravity will have to do the work. The MG comes with a ball joint mount, which is a pain. So I lopped it off and sunk in a bit of paperclip wire. With a magnet on the other side, it holds on well enough.

M20 Scout Car
M20 Scout Car

The whitewash weathering on this vehicle came out much more subtle than on the M10 tank destroyer and M3 halftrack.¬†At first, I was disappointed. But on the plus side, it’s a little more dual use if I go ahead with another allied Bolt Action army down the line.