Team Yankee: M113 Mech Platoon

To round out my playable Team Yankee force I needed some infantry. Painting dudes at 15mm isn’t exactly my idea of fun, so I’m keeping it to a single platoon for now.

I waffled a great deal on what to do for basing, but ended up buying resin bases from Kerr and King. They make nice little evocative scenes, although there’s a bit more bubbles than I’d like.

Transports are non-optional in Team Yankee, so I needed a box of those, too. The box comes with resin dudes for mounting the Dragon missiles. To put off making a decision and/or maximizing flexibility, I magnetized them. It does mean the hatch is always open, but I can live with that. I also put a dude out another hatch to designate the lead track.


Now I just need to put together some objectives, and maybe refurbish my first attempt at the tanks.

M113 (group shot)
M113 (group shot)

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