Dark Eldar: Grisly Trophies

Back in January, I realized I wanted to put Grisly Trophies on some of my Dark Eldar skimmers.  The game was an Apoc game which required vehicle upgrades to be modeled.  These poles come in the kit, and I hadn’t been using them.

Grisly Trophies

To make it easy to move around, a glued a thin magnet in the vehicle and painted it to blend it in a bit.  I drilled out the base of the poles and put in a matching magnet.

I tried out the Citadel Technical Blood for the Blood God paint on these guys, which I think looks neat.  Don’t ask me why these clearly dried skulls have fresh blood dripping from them.  Maybe the Archon decorates them before going out to battle.

Updated July 2019 with improved images

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