Ghosts of Random Rursdays Past: Stefan Von Kruger

On Thursdays, I like to take a break from my army projects.  Instead, I try to do something that I can start and complete all in one evening.

I haven’t gotten a lot of hobby time in this week.  When I did get a chance on Thursday, I decided to spend it continuing on the Malifaux crew I started for the Wyrd summer painting contest.  When I’m done, maybe I’ll actually try playing the game.

So here’s a model I painted about 18 months ago, Stefan Von Kruger from Reaper.  I actually bought this model probably close to 15 years ago for D&D, but wasn’t into painting back then.

Stefan von Kruger

I don’t think the cloak works very well, at least not with this model.  Maybe something dark would work.  The tunic also doesn’t show as much depth as I’d like.  Oh well, there’s always next time.

Updated November 2017 with improved images.

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