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2016 Hobby Year in Review

Now in its third year, let’s take a look at my hobby work over the past year.


I started the hobby year working through the Malifaux Black Friday order and getting a few things ready for Adepticon. Then the queue got real. In 2015 I felt I had been a little too stingy at Adepticon. Let’s just say I didn’t have that problem this year.

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Malifaux: Starter set – Guild

Even though I don’t have specific plans to play Guild, I wanted to get the rest of the two-player set painted.

Dr Grimwell
Dr Grimwell

I decided to go with a cleaner look than Wyrd’s art for the set.  They may be not-entirely-nice people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get their laundry done! I was pretty nervous about the whites, but they turned out really nicely.  As usual, I painted the basecoat (off-white), shaded via wash (Secret Weapon Soft Body Black), then brought it back up again with hightlights (off-white and white).

Nurse Heartsbane
Nurse Heartsbane

I’m not quite sure what Nurse Heartbane is holding, but I thought the using the red from Grimwell’s tie would bring a bit of cohesion, and maybe look a bit like a (anachronistic) prescription bottle.

The orderlies are nice and creepy.  Skinny will knock you out so that Apron can get to work.

Now I just need to convince the wife to play with me.