Malifaux: Starter set – Neverborn

I picked up the two player starter set for three reasons:

  1. The Neverborn models seemed useful, especially the Scion of the Black Blood’s condition removal.
  2. I had been meaning to pick up a digital copy of the mini rulebook, and the starter has a (overly manual) process to get one.
  3. Maybe I could use the intro scenarios to get my wife to play.  Even though I don’t think she’ll want to play regularly, it would be a good way for her to better understand miniature games.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes

I find it interesting that Angel Eyes has some kind of monocle or bionic eye, but hey, who am I to argue.  Like far too many female Malifaux models, she has tiny feet that are hard to pin.

Scion of the Black Blood
Scion of the Black Blood

I decided to try to replicate the body paint in the official art for the Scion.  I’m not super happy with it, but it still adds some visual interest.  I think the shading on his flesh worked out pretty well, though.

I had originally intended the Wretch’s skin tone to be a purple tint on a natural flesh tone, but that didn’t exactly happen.  So mine may be more fully transformed into Neverborn than most. Each one has hair that matches the other’s shirt, and matching pants, which hopefully ties them together a bit.

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