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ToMB2: Month Four Complete

Last month I painted up the Ophelia box, and even with a discount ended up in the hole. This being the final month of this round of Tale of Malifaux Bloggers, I figured I really ought to behave and stay on budget. Fortunately, the obvious expansion fits.

Remaining from last month -$5.00
New for month 3 $22.50
Total Available $17.50
Slop Haulers -$16.00
Remaining balance $1.50

Annoyingly, I snapped off a leg when putting one model on the base. I was so mad I just slapped some CA on it, without even trying to get it to line up right. Maybe some day I’ll revisit it.

With the Haulers I have enough models to do a pure Gremlins 50 stone list, with Ophelia at the helm. I’ve gotten one game in and had a blast. I went a little overboard with Dumb Luck, and ended the game with only Ophelia alive, cowering in the corner. Fortunately, I scored schemes early (full points for Plant Explosives and Assassinate) and barely pulled out a win.

Updated October 2016 with improved images.

ToMB2: Month Two Findings

I’ve gotten a couple of games in with my second month of Zoraida.  The full crew list now consists of:

  • Zoraida
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Bad Juju
  • 3 Silurids
  • 3 Waldgeists (new for month two)
  • Nurse (new for month two)
  • Performer (new for month two)

Last month, I found that I didn’t have enough Swampfiends for Eternal Fiend to let Bad Juju pop out when needed.  The Waldgeists have definitely helped with that, plus give a great 9.6″ engagement bubble (40mm base plus 4″ on either side) to give trouble to the opponent for some schemes and strategies.

The Nurse and Performer were brought in for Voodoo Doll Poison tricks.  The basic tactic looks like this

  1. Zoraida summons a Voodoo Doll, who Hems a tempting target.  The Doll should get dropped in engagement with the Nurse, if possible.  From this point, any damage or conditions given to the Voodoo Doll go on the target as well
  2. Zoraida still has one AP left.  If the Hem doesn’t go off, Zoraida can Obey the Doll to try again.  If not, she can potentially Obey the Nurse to hit the Doll instead.  Or maybe Obey to move the Doll into a better position.  There’s another great movement option available – Zoraida can Interact with the Doll to move the Hemmed model.  If nothing else, her Voodoo Pins can hit the Doll with Poison +2.
  3. The opponent gets to activate something.  Hopefully they can’t remove the Hem condition.
  4. The Nurse activates.  She hits the Doll twice with her Syringe.  The Doll relents, and probably takes 0 damage and Poison +8 (+12 if Zoraida Obeyed the Nurse)
  5. The Performer chain activates off the Nurse’s Accomplice.  She Siren Calls on the Hem target (requires 12″ range and LOS), with the real goal being the built in Sip of Wine, which does damage equal to the Poison condition, with no upper limit.  If that doesn’t finish off the target, you can do the same to the Doll for another 6 damage.

When this goes off, it’s awesome.  Only two of the actions (Hem and Siren Call) can be opposed, and neither needs suits.  The Chain Activation makes it fast.  Once an opponent knows it’s coming, though, it’s harder to pull off.

What I haven’t been so successful at is coping with failures, especially if I lose one of the models.  Shenlong or other condition maipulators make it hard to use as well.  The Performer has great scheme marker tricks, which I need to get better at using.  With Don’t Mind Me, she can Interact when engaged.  She can also blow up both friendly and enemy markers at range.

The Nurse has a lot of other manipulation options, but they’re tricky enough that I have a hard time coming up with uses for them on the fly.  I should work out another couple of options.

I’m really not sure what I want to do about month three.  I have $20 to play with, since I borrowed $2.50 from month two.  I’m considering either Killjoy or doing something with Gremlins.

Killjoy’s MSRP is $18, so neatly fits into the budget.  It also would give an extra bit of face beating, either to supplement or replace Bad Juju.

I’m already working on some Gremlins, which would be convienent. I haven’t figured out if there’s a useful chunk of models that fits into the budget, however.  Maybe I could ‘sell’ Ophelia and the Young, then split the rest of the Kin into months three and four.

ToMB2: Month Two Complete

I actually got these models all done over two weeks ago, well before I left for Adepticon. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures until now, however. I’ve gotten a couple of games in, but I’ll talk about that in a future post.

I like the Waldgeist models because they each take a different approach on how to make a tree look humanoid. That gives them each personality, while still so clearly being the same unit. I used a flesh fine for the lighter colored wood, but with a brown wash. I think it works to give more of a living appearance.

Performer (alt)
Performer (alt)

I thought the Performer should be in boldly colored. The blue makes her stand out from the rest of the crew, but the basing brings it together, at least a little.

Swamp Nurse
Swamp Nurse

I wanted the Nurse to be fully swamped up, so I went with greens. The fluid in the syringe didn’t really turn out like I wanted it to.

Updated October 2016 with improved images.

ToMB2: Month Two Plans

I’m playing Malifaux at Adepticon, so I’m eager to get started on models for month two. From my first game with Zoraida, I saw a few gaps:

  • Not enough Swampfiends
  • Not enough Voodoo Doll tricks
  • Not enough skill (sadly, can’t just buy that..)
Month Two Commitments Ready to Prime
Month Two Commitments Ready to Prime

For Swampfiends, Waldgeists are the obvious answer. They’ll help give more Bad Juju entry points, and can hold a ton of ground with a 4″ engagement range.

For the Voodoo Doll, I think a Nurse would make a nice addition. She can be hired thanks to Zoraida’s Enthrall ability, and can hand out a ton of conditions through the Voodoo Doll. Her base attack hands out +4 Poison. Plus, Take Your Meds is a toolbox: it can give Paralyze while healing the Doll, or restrict actions enough to practically be Paralyzed.

Finally, I want to add a Performer into the mix. She’s can Interact while engaged through Don’t Mind Me, and can discard enemy scheme markers at range with Seduction. Finally, her Sip of Wine trigger on Siren Call can combo the Nurse’s and Zoraida’s Poison on the Hem target to do a bunch of damage at once.

As for accounting, I’m going to steal an idea from Rathnard and pretend I’m selling extra models for 2/3 the purchase price. I’m actually using the limited edition Performer from Wyrd’s Black Friday sale, but I’ll use the pricing for the metal one. It puts me $2.50 in the hole for month two. Maybe I’m just trying to justify it, but I’m going to do these models ahead of Adepticon one way or another. I might as well get credit for it.

Remaining from last month $10.00
New for month 2 $22.50
Total Available $32.50
(LGS sold for less than MSRP for some reason)
Nurses −$15.00
Sell extra Nurse
($7.50 * 2/3)
Performer & Mannequin
(from Miniature Market)
Sell extra Mannequin
($5.25 * 2/3)
Remaining balance −$2.50