ToMB2: Month Four Complete

Last month I painted up the Ophelia box, and even with a discount ended up in the hole. This being the final month of this round of Tale of Malifaux Bloggers, I figured I really ought to behave and stay on budget. Fortunately, the obvious expansion fits.

Remaining from last month -$5.00
New for month 3 $22.50
Total Available $17.50
Slop Haulers -$16.00
Remaining balance $1.50

Annoyingly, I snapped off a leg when putting one model on the base. I was so mad I just slapped some CA on it, without even trying to get it to line up right. Maybe some day I’ll revisit it.

With the Haulers I have enough models to do a pure Gremlins 50 stone list, with Ophelia at the helm. I’ve gotten one game in and had a blast. I went a little overboard with Dumb Luck, and ended the game with only Ophelia alive, cowering in the corner. Fortunately, I scored schemes early (full points for Plant Explosives and Assassinate) and barely pulled out a win.

Updated October 2016 with improved images.

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