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Dark Eldar: Reaper

The Reaper came together pretty quickly.  It’s a Forge World resin/plastic kit based on the Raider.  It’s been primed and waiting for me for a while.  I’m not sure how effective it is (it’s gotten nerfed a couple of times with edition changes), but it looks pretty cool.  I may use it as a centerpiece for a haywire-themed army, along with haywire Wyches and Scourges with haywire blasters.

Dark Eldar Reaper

I really like the sail on this model, although it was a pain to get ready.  It came a little warped.  While it easily can be adjusted with hot water, it’s hard to get it straight.  Plus there was a ton of flash in the rigging, although it cleaned up pretty well.

Dark Eldar Reaper (front detail)

Even though these dudes have no rules supporting them, I figured I ought to bling out the model a bit.

Dark Eldar Reaper (rear detail)

One of the more subtle resin bits are these extra trailing blades.  The main gun also runs all the way through the hull, which I think is kind of neat.

This completes my Dark Eldar backlog, so I’m ready for the new codex!

Updated July 2019 with improved images

Dark Eldar: Razorwing

I found the time to finish off the Razorwing.  As expected, once I found time to focus it went pretty quickly.

Razorwing Jetfighter

I usually only add a touch of highlighting to the gems on Dark Eldar.  This vehicle has very little else to break up the black surface, so I decided to fully color the gems with the silver, gold, and blue accent colors.

Razorwing Jetfighter (rear detail)

I really like the orange edge highlighting on black, but it’s hard to keep it even.  I’m only partially successful on the long lines of the vehicle.

Razorwing Jetfighter (front detail)

I also keep failing to learn my lesson with Dullcote and clear canopies.  Once again, it badly fogged the canopy.  A few thin coats of Future brought it back a bit, although it still obscures the cockpit a bit.

Flying stand for Razorwing Jetfighter

Updated July 2019 with improved images

Dark Eldar: WIP Razorwing

Hobby time has been a bit elusive, but I have been working on this Razorwing.

WIP Razorwing base
WIP Razorwing base

The base is all done.  It’s continuing with my dead Necron theme, with a piece of wing from a Night Scythe.  I’m trying to evoke the wreckage scraping off the frozen surface of the ground when it slid to a halt.  I like the color of the exposed dirt (a combination of paint and weathering powders), though I wish it had a bit more texture.  As it is, it’s just the surface of the plastic base.  I didn’t have anything finer than the sand I used for the rest of the base.

WIP Razorwing base
WIP Razorwing base

The sprue bits are supposed to represent random bits of wreckage, but they look more like sprue than I would have liked.

I’m very proud of the bullet holes.  It’s the first time I’ve tried it.  I just drilled a hole with a pin vice, expanded it a bit with a hobby knife, then cut out little wedges.

WIP Razorwing cockpit
WIP Razorwing cockpit

As I usually do for these kinds of models, I painted inner bits first.  That means the pilot, cockpit, and engine were done before I glued the main fuselage together.  I masked off the canopy with Tamiya masking tape, and this part of the engines with blobs of wet tissue paper.  The gun mounts are the same, and are magnetized so I can swap weapon types.

WIP Razorwing engines
WIP Razorwing engines

The rear engines were also done before assembly, then carefully masked off with Tamiya tape.  This probably wasn’t actually worth doing for this model.  I thought there was a bit more space between the engine nozzles and the overhangs on the fuselage.  You can’t tell that it’s painted underneath.

Hopefully I can wrap this up over the next week, and can then turn my attention to the Reaper I bought with the Revenant Titan many months ago.