Lunar: Legends

The Lunar preorder came with Kickstarter-style stretch goals. Some were paid expansions. These legends were a free unlock.

Deke Resnik

I was worried about the flag. While nobody would mistake it for the real thing, it works well enough at a distance.

Lilian Gates

I decided that the freelancers might produce their own suits, but with pieces scavenged from whatever they could find. So the backpack matches my American paint scheme.

Stephanie Mullusca (rover)

The Americans get a bonus model in the form of this rover. Look out, it might try to trip you.

Vladimir Mishkin

Slicing open a suit seems nastier than a simple stab wound. A puncture can be held shut much more easily than a long cut. Don’t mess with Mishkin.

Zhai Yang

I put different colored stripes on all the models to help distinguish them on the roster. Since I went with a very similar white/grey for the suit body for the Chinese, I decided to use more variety on the colors. Instead of a stripe, they get shoulders.

Lunar Legends (group)

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