Sigmar: Hobgrot Slittaz

I really dig the new Kruleboyz orcs in the Age of Sigmar Dominion box. Enough that I talked myself into picking up the box. Let’s start with the mooks.

Hobgrot Slittaz (group 1)

I followed the standard yellow of the studio paint job. But I though mine should have some skin tone variation. So I also have a smattering of blue. Cave hobgrotz!

Hobgrot Slittaz (group 2)

Dominion comes with twenty of these guys. It’s really two sets of 10-man sprues, but there are enough swappable parts to make a pretty diverse bunch, including two distinct standard bearers and musicians.

Hobgrot Slittaz (group 3)

My only problem with these guys is that they stick out too much. It makes it hard to put them in foam compactly.

Hobgrot Slittaz (group 4)

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