Malifaux: Malifaux 1988 (Nightmare Mei Feng Crew)

Last year’s Nightmare crew was was anachronistic for Malifaux, a cyberpunk twist on Mei Feng

Gumdrop (Nightmare Mei Feng)

In this world, Mei rides the rails on roller blades, evidently. I wanted this crew to be brighter colored than most of my Malifaux, and selected orange as a color to tie them all together.

Mean Streak (Nightmare Kang)

The orange on Mean Streak is relegated to just a few accents.

Spritz (Nightmare Forgeling)

What fish wouldn’t want a robot body?

The Rail Workers each get a unique look. I especially like kangaroo-legged Tagline.

Malifaux 1988

Blackstone Fortress: Beastmen

The Beastmen are the last of the Blackstone Fortress core box models to be featured. This one has four models, with a couple of different components to mix and match.

Beastman (red, chainsword)

That allows for all four to be distinct.

Beastman (blue, sword)

Like the Traitor Guard, I did these with distinct color groups. In practice, it hasn’t been a problem to tell the different between hostile groups, but it’s still useful.

Beastman (blue, chainsword)

In game, the beastmen occupy a strange space. They’re in small numbers, and not much harder to kill than the guard. They don’t hit repeatedly like the ur-ghuls, and don’t ignore defense like the negavolts. I don’t end up fearing them.

Beastman (red, sword)
Beastmen (group)

Blackstone Fortress: Rogue Psykers

Next up in the collection of Blackstone Fortress baddies is the rogue psykers.

Rogue Psyker (staff down)

Two of these guys come in the kit. Even though they both come from a duplicate sprue, there’s a different upper body piece. That really helps distinguish these characterful poses.

Rogue Psyker (staff up)

I wet blended some reds on the head, to try to show the psychic energy collecting within.

Rogue Psykers