Malifaux: Carrion Fate (Carrion Effigy and Carrion Emissary)

This marks the first time I’m painting the Emissary and Effigy at the same time. Since in third edition, the Effigy can grow into the Emissary, it seemed to make sense to paint them with similar colors.

Carrion Effigy

I tried a splatter effect to dirty up these models — Resurrectionists are supposed to be dirty. It works okay on the Emissary, but the scale doesn’t feel right on the Effigy.

Carrion Emissary

As much as I like the Carrion Emissary as a model, I just don’t like it as a game piece. It’s too bit to easily transport. At least the wings are high above the base, so smaller models can fit under it.

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