Team Yankee: M901 ITV and FIST

Small point units really help to fill out a list. Hammerhead time.

M901 ITV
M901 ITV

First up, the M901 ITV. These are done up pretty much stock, like the rest of the my Team Yankee force.

FIST (M113A2 based)
FIST (M113A2 based)

The Team Yankee rulebooks show the FIST as being in a stock M113. The real thing was more like the ITV, with a very similar turret housing the laser targeter. I wanted it to stand out a bit more from the ITVs, so converted the chassis to add the armored fuel tanks on the rear like an M113A3/A3.

FIST and ITV comparison

3 thoughts on “Team Yankee: M901 ITV and FIST”

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if I could get the colors and paint brand you used for your NATO camouflage. I think you have it ‘just right’ for 15mm and I’d like to replicate your scheme. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks!

      For the base camo I used Vallejo Model Air: NATO Green primer, NATO Brown, and NATO Black. After the basecoat, for each color I mixed in a bit of a lighter color (Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green for the green and brown, some Tamiya grey I had lying around) and airbrushed in a bit of variation

      On top of that I weathered applied AK-076 NATO filter from AK Interactive, and AK-075 NATO wash in the crevices.

      Next I did some sponge chipping with Secret Weapon rust colors, and a final very light drybrush of a light tan to bring the shape back out.

      1. Thanks so much :)

        I was going to try the Tamiya Nato Green/Black/Brown but fear they will be too dark for 15mm. I’ll give your method a go on my first LAV and see how it turns out.

        Thanks again!

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