Malifaux: Creative Taxidermy

I’m a little disappointed in this box. It’s got all the models to max out the Rarity for both Stuffed Piglets and Gremlin Taxidermist, which is kind of nice. The two Taxidermists have distinct sculpts (although they’re very similar). I’m much more likely to have a ton of Stuffed Piglets, though, and there are only three sculpts. If I’m going to have to buy all six, I’d like to get unique ones.

Well, I bought anyways, and solved it with paint. I was feeling a little less creative than with regular Piglets, so I kept it simple. Since they’re supposed to be Undead, I gave one set a green zombie skin tone.

The others I used a standard pink flesh. I think the sculpts should be distinct enough to refer to them when needed.

The supervisors have awesome hair. It seems like these guys ought to be a little older and wiser than most Gremlins, having gone through six years of taxidermy school and everything. So I gave them wisened gray hair.

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